Quality & Responsibility

The Manuchar Quality System encompasses a variety of industry standards and expectations from our customers and suppliers. Through the use of standard operating procedures we ensure efficient and safe practices for continuous improvement. Our commitment to social responsibility, sustainability and  environment extends throughout our operation to ensure the integrity of the product and our employees.

Quality Management

Our Quality Policy defines how Manuchar operates as a Group around the globe. Our corrective and preventive action system ensures we work to conquer the highest industry standards. Our suppliers have international standards certifications, including ISO, OHSAS, Responsible Care, among others.


Risk Administration

Using the 5S method, Manuchar continually assesses the risks associated with our operational activity and maintains the highest levels of safety for our employees, partners and visitors.


Environmental Management

Manuchar’s Environmental Management aims at the use of administrative and operational practices and methods that minimize the environmental impact along its production chain, making sure that the processes of storage and trading of chemical products are properly compatible with its nature and its degree of risk.


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