In its first year participating in the Great Place to Work Award (GPTW), Manuchar Brazil was elected the 10th best company to work for in Rio de Janeiro, among the 150 who competed in the “medium-sized” category (between 100 and 999 employees). Working in the market of chemical distribution, logistics and trading, Manuchar Brasil has been in the country for over 25 years and won the award in the first year under the command of CEO Renata Agualuza, reflecting the company’s focus on professional valuation and in the practice of diversity, one of its values.

Employees maintain a sense of belonging and regard the company as a large family, as stated on the GPTW form completed by them. The most used words to define the company were: “family”, “great”, “growth”, “excellent” and “honesty”.

– At Manuchar, we promote, daily, small actions that demonstrate all the care we have with each employee, and that makes a big difference. In addition to contributing to the good organizational climate, this practice generates greater involvement of professionals with the company’s values ​​and processes, strengthens the corporate culture and optimizes the internal relationship and also with customers – says Manuchar Brasil People and Management Director, Ana Pinho.

An example of the actions cited by Ana Pinho is the gift that new dads and moms receive before leaving for maternity leave: a personalized kit with a security blanket and a stuffed animal. On Mother’s Day, the company has prepared surprise videos of the employees’ children and emailed each one of them, making the excitement overflowing. Another action was the creation of a mural for the exhibition of photos of the children and even a costume contest happened at the Carnival period, with the delivery of tablets for the best produced. The goal, explained the director, is to offer employees positive experiences aligned with the company’s strategies, always focusing on strengthening the sense of belonging.

– Employees realize this attitude of the company that, even in times of crisis, continues to invest in people. They feel valued, safe and welcomed here. We encourage everyone’s communication and engagement through the transparent sharing of information and decisions – says Renata, who took over the presidency of the brazilian affiliate – the largest of all – after commanding important company directorships.

In addition to frequent care, the company has an annual training plan and develops all employees periodically, regardless of the position. Understanding that the employee is the most important asset of the company, Manuchar Brasil has a habit of retaining its talents and, according to Renata, makes no effort to make the information reach all of them, even those located in regions far away from headquarters. Communication is done via email marketing, bulletin and intranet. Of the 263 employees, only 80 are in Rio’s headquarters. The remaining are distributed in the Operational Bases and Business Offices present in the states of Pernambuco, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Paraná and Santa Catarina.

Headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, Manuchar has 130 years of experience in logistics services, operating in the chemicals, fertilizers, polymers, steels, among others. It is present in over 40 countries, most of them emerging ones, and has approximately 2,000 employees.