Manuchar was growing rapidly in Imbituba, both in volume and in complexity of operations, but without a structure that could favor and accompany this growth.

In order to maintain the growth trajectory and the level of excellence and quality of the products and services that were offered, it was necessary to have an adequate and centralized structure, in order to gain operational efficiency.

Now, Manuchar Brazil have a modern and planned structure in Imbituba for the current business and future developments, with 8 high standard warehouses, 4 of 3,750 m² for general cargo, 3 of 4,500 m² for bulk and 1 of 2,000 m² for special cargo, totaling 30,500m² of storage area and capacity for 150,000 tons, as well as an office, locker rooms, refectory, driver’s room, equipment shed and laboratory, where analyzes of the products received will be carried out, guaranteeing higher quality and traceability.

This investment will provide customers with even more quality and reliability, while providing a modern and secure environment for employees.

For the CEO of Manuchar Brazil, Renata Agualuza, the project was only possible with the help of the employees, who participated in different aspects. “I want to thank our employees for the help, patience and trust they have placed in the realization of this dream, which began when I was still Operations Director and that I am having the pleasure and happiness of seeing realized now as CEO of Manuchar Brazil. I am also grateful to Philippe, our Global CEO, who understood the need for this investment and gave his support on this project, to Rodrigo Correa, general manager of Manuchar Imbituba, and Pedro Nelson, Commercial Director of Manuchar Brazil, who dedicated their time to manage a project of this size and at the same time reconcile all the other activities they have”, commented Renata.

The inauguration of the new Operational Base at Imbituba came at a time of many achievements for Manuchar Brazil, which also won the ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2018 and this year the GPTW (Great Place to Work) certification.


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