You will see how was the ceremony and also exclusive interviews with the CEO of Manuchar Brazil, Renata Agualuza and the CEO of Manuchar Global, Philippe Huybrechs.

In the video, they highlighted teamwork as a determining factor for the achievements and stressed that we can be happy and work in the same place.

Renata: “It’s a award that comes with everyone working together, the company doing its part, HR also conducting policies in the best way and working hard, and the employees who help us making this work environment, this company that is so good and shows that we can be happy and work in the same place. In the first year of participation we got the certificate, entered in the Rio de Janeiro ranking and managed to be here, among the 150 best companies to work in Brazil, so it’s a very important award and shows that we are on the right track.”

Philippe: “I would like to send a message to all Manuchar employees. I think that in the first place, everyone can be congratulated, this award is the work of you all. The expectations for next year, as everything that Manuchar represents – every year we want to do better, so also with this award we want to do better than this year.”

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