Today, Manuchar Brazil is one of the most well-regarded companies for the sourcing and distribution of chemical, fertilizers, minerals and steel products. We have the experience and resources to ensure delivery and distribution throughout the country. We keep stocks for ready delivery, being thus able to serve our customers quickly, with efficiency and punctuality anywhere in Brazil. In the last years, we have been recognized for attending the textile, chemical, tannery, glass, water treatment, soap and detergent and paper and cellulose segments.

Our Operational Bases are strategically located in port cities, optimizing logistics and always offering the best solution.

Imbituba Operational Base - SC

The Base is located in a 100.000m² area containing 8 warehouses:

  • 4 warehouses of 3.750m² for general cargo
  • 3 warehouses of 4.500m² for bulk
  • 1 warehouse of 2.000m² for special cargo

Totaling 30,500m² of storage area and capacity for 150,000 tons, the Base has an office, locker rooms, refectory, storeroom, driver’s room, equipment shed and its own laboratory, where analyses of the products received are carried out, guaranteeing higher quality and traceability.

Pernambuco Operational Bases

In Pernambuco, we have 3 Operational Bases:

  • Port of Recife – 1 warehouse of 2.861 m² for bulk.
  • Abreu e Lima – 3 warehouses totaling 11.456m² for general cargo and bulk.
  • Igarassu – 6 warehouses totaling 6.850 m² for general cargo and bulk.

With a total of 21.167m² of storage area, the Bases have capacity for approximately 62.000 tons, and includes office, locker rooms, refectory, storeroom, garage and driver’s room.



The beginning of global expansion. Manuchar’s strategy focusing on the emerging markets.


Rio de Janeiro

Manuchar Brazil settles as first subsidiary in Rio de Janeiro facing the demand of large glass customers.


Santos Port

Beginning of the operations in the Port of Santos, in São Paulo.


Presence in the South region

Beginning of the activities in the Port of Imbituba, in Santa Catarina, to serve our customers in the South and Southeast regions.


Presence in the Northeast region

Beginning of the activities in the Port of Recife, em Pernambuco, to serve our customers in the Northeast region.


Presence in Santa Catarina

Beginning of the Blumenau Business Office, in Santa Catarina.


Business Offices in Northeast and Southeast regions

Beginning of the Business Offices in São Paulo and in the Northeast, in Recife-PE.


Presence in Paraná

Beginning of the Curitiba Business Office, in Paraná.



Manuchar Brazil becomes a partner with a 50% stake in Global Trend.


Majority partnership

Manuchar Brazil acquires 75% stake in Fertisanta.


New Business Office in the Northeast region

Beginning of the Norte Business Office, also in Recife-PE.


ISO 9001:2015

Manuchar Brazil obtains ISO 9001:2015 Certification.


New Operational Base

Manuchar Brazil inaugurates a new Operational Base in Imbituba – SC, containing 8 warehouses, 30,500 m² of storage and capacity for 150 thousand tons.

Escritórios Comerciais

If you are in any state of the North/Northeast regions, contact the business offices below:

  • Norte Business Office Avenida República do Líbano, 251 – Torre 1 Bloco A, sala 2.309 – 51110-160 – Pina – Recife – PE +55 (81) 3032-9795 / filialnorte@manuchar.com.br
  • Nordeste Business Office Avenida República do Líbano, 251 – Torre 1 Bloco A, salas 1.001/1.002 – 51110-160 – Pina – Recife – PE +55 (81) 3032-9780 / filialnordeste@manuchar.com.br

If you are in São Paulo, contact the business office below:

  • São Paulo Business Office Rua Gomes de Carvalho, 1.069 – Salas 23 /24 – 04547-004 – Vila Olímpia – São Paulo – SP +55 (11) 3336-7600 / filialsaopaulo@manuchar.com.br

If you are in Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais or Goiás, contact the business office below:

  • Manuchar Comércio Exterior LTDA (Matriz/Escritório Comercial RJ) Rua Lauro Muller 116 – Salas 4301/4304/4305/4306 – 22290-160 – Botafogo – Rio de Janeiro – RJ +55 (21) 2106-1400 / filialrio@manuchar.com.br

If you are in Paraná, Mato Grosso or Mato Grosso do Sul, contact the business office below:

  • Curitiba Business Office Av. Rep. Argentina, 1336 – salas 1004/1005 – 80620-010 – Vila Izabel – Curitiba – PR +55 (41) 3308-1880 / filialcuritiba@manuchar.com.br

If you are in Santa Catarina or in Rio Grande do Sul, contact the business office below:

  • Blumenau Business Office Rua Coronel Vidal Ramos, 01 – Sala 401 – Alameda Office – 89010-330 – Jardim Blumenau – Blumenau – SC +55 (47) 3036-9450 / filialblumenau@manuchar.com.br